The AFE Project...

...was designed to combat education inequality in low income communities. Artivism has been working on our AFE project since our founding in June of 2020. We've been focusing our work specifically on the LatinX community in Trenton: offering academic tutoring and arts workshops to students, fundraising for classrooms and nonprofits, and raising awareness through showcases. Holiday Harmonies is the winter segment of the AFE project.


What We're Seeing in Trenton

A K-12 education is the bridge to a child's future. It provides them with the means to obtain a high school diploma, a college degree, and a career. Many low income LatinX students in Trenton are not able to make the most of their K-12 education for a variety of reasons: language barrier, lack of academic support, shortage of needed materials, etc.

After a few months of working with the kids, we were able to identify these problems, and subsequently come up with ways to help. For example, many of the students cannot understand their teachers in class because their English is insufficient. In response to that, we compiled a team of ESL tutors to offer Spanish speaking students English help in addition to our homework help services.

Similarly, after identifying that many classrooms have a shortage of resources due to COVID, we decided to direct the funds raised from our Holiday Harmonies fundraiser towards classrooms in Trenton in need of financial help.

We recognize that as a team of high schoolers, our impact and our reach is small. However, we are doing whatever we can to help and we constantly strive to come up with new solutions to problems that we encounter. We hope to grow as an organization in the future, and we hope that you will join us.

The Holiday Harmonies Project


This fall and winter, 20+ volunteer tutors from Artivism have been offering daily homework help to Trenton students via Zoom. Additionally, our arts teachers have been teaching weekly arts workshops in visual art, theater, and music. The three workshops are collaboratively putting together a student showcase which will be released on Dec. 25th.


The Holiday Harmonies virtual showcase will feature a total of 20 performers, ranging in skill from students in high school to professionals on Broadway. Our talented performers include a variety of singers, dancers, and instrumentalists, and the video is set to be released at 12 AM on New Year's Eve. Be sure to check our YT Channel, Artivism Fundraiser, to see the performance.


This winter, the proceeds of our fundraiser will be going towards classrooms in Trenton through a great site called DonorsChoose. Our fundraising goal is $2000, and we're hoping to funnel this money to different teachers in need of supplies, technology, and more.


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