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We have been collaborating with the Rivera Middle School in Trenton since the Winter of 2020, and we have been collaborating with Reinas y Diamantes since the Summer of 2020. Our current student base consists of children from both Rivera and Reinas y Diamantes.

We are hosting weekly workshops in three areas of study: THEATER, MUSIC, VISUAL ART. We are also working on a tutoring initiative in collaboration with Shiloh CDC Trenton. More on the workshops below!

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Led by Christopher Hussey and Davis Kinley, our theater workshops start off with games and warm ups aimed to build a comfortable environment for students to make big acting choices and play outside of their comfort zone. There is a focus on improvisation games, as these help cultivate creativity and spontaneity. In preparing for showcases, we often provide students with short monologues and scene work. This work aims to introduce students to basic technical skills: learning lines, building off of a partner, taking on a character.


Led by Elizabeth Palumbo, our music workshops combine both practice and cultural learning. We introduce students to different genres of music and foster discussions on different songs. We also introduce basic music foundations: learning the staff, different keys, sight reading music. In preparing for showcases, we aid students in selecting different songs and helping them prepare for performance.


Led by Emme Pham and Luke Garcia, our visual arts workshops aim to introduce students to a variety of different art forms: painting, sketching, origami, etc. The focus here is less on technical skill but on cultivating self expression through art. Every week, our instructors plan a different activity with a certain theme. In preparing for showcase, students build up a portfolio of pieces to which they can show their friends and family.

Arts for Education: About
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