A Message from Trenton

Jessica Hourruitiner is the Bilingual Case Manager for LALDEF and a primary organizer of the "Talleres de Verano" summer program.

"The students of Trenton have been heavily impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Many of their parents have lost their jobs but do not qualify for government assistance, which means that stress levels at home are running high. Additionally, many of the students lack computers and internet at home. As a result, they were unable to transition to remote learning."

"We created the “Talleres de Verano Virtuales/Virtual Summer Workshops” in hopes of helping these students and alleviating some stress at home. Through these virtual workshops, we will hopefully help students improve their social skills, learn new things, and keep them occupied during the summer."

"We know they need us now more than ever and together we can and will make a difference."

What We're Doing in the Trenton Community


This summer, volunteers from Artivism are teaching lessons in arts and academics for the "Talleres de Verano" summer program. Our volunteers have been teaching theater classes, which involve singing, dancing, acting, and more. Additionally, we have been offering academic tutoring services, helping students with English and Math. We are also offering private piano lessons and private voice lessons for free! With the stress that the Coronavirus has put on the children and their families, we hope to do whatever we can to bring some fun into their summer through the arts!


Through our partnership with LALDEF, the proceeds of our art sales and additional donations will reach the students and adults of the Trenton community via LALDEF's education sector. When adults have access to better education, they can better integrate into their communities, opening up opportunities for themselves and their children. Artivism hopes that our financial contribution will aid these adults and allow them to lift themselves and their families into a better position within their communities. 

The Problem with Education Inequality

"If inequality starts anywhere, many scholars agree, it’s with faulty education. Conversely, a strong education can act as the bejeweled key that opens gates through every other aspect of inequality, whether political, economic, racial, judicial, gender- or health-based."

"Right now, there exists an almost ironclad link between a child’s ZIP code and her chances of success. Our education system, traditionally thought of as the chief mechanism to address the opportunity gap, instead too often reflects and entrenches existing societal inequities.”

"According to a recent report by the Education Commission of the States, black and Hispanic students in kindergarten through 12th grade perform on a par with the white students who languish in the lowest quartile of achievement."

- Corydon Ireland, The Harvard Gazette

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